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Enjoy seeing your name being thanked in the end credits under:



"Rockin' and Rollin' and what not...!"


Trying something new aside from crowdfunding, I wanted to open this option out to anyone who visits the site, with no time frame other than when we picture lock and export the documentary.


Funding is the hardest part of these films, so it's so invaluable when anyone who wants to join the team and support these projects. Any questions or if you just want to chat about it, email me at


BACS transfer also available to UK account, or to


Also enjoy:

- Your name on IMDb, as 'Thanks: The T-Birds"

- "Life After Grease" BluRay

- Collector patch


- 5 x collector postcards

- Our other BluRays and collector patches

- Thank you video from director Lisa

- and a handwritten thank you note from her too!

"The T-Birds" Thanks & IMDb Credit! (1 of 125)

Expected to ship 2025.
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