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"Life After Megaforce" is now MAKING MEGAFORCE!

The documentary nobody asked for.

He wanted to make a documentary about the making of Megaforce, one of 1982’s biggest box office failures. But when he met his hero, Megaforce star Barry “Ace Hunter” Bostwick, things started to get really out of hand.


Hal Needham’s big budget epic Megaforce was one of the undisputed worst movies of 1982, and beyond- a box office flop that time would like to forget. But there is one man who remembers …Bob Lindenmayer, and he’s on a quest to convince the rest of the world just how awesome this stunt-filled spectacle is. 


As Bob delves into the movie’s history with cast and crew, he drags his childhood hero Barry Bostwick into his mission to relive the past. It’s a touching and hilarious tribute to the power of heroes, friendship, and flying motorcycles.


“Anyone who says ‘Don't meet your heroes’ has never met Ace Hunter”

            -Bob Lindenmayer


“He keeps asking me these stupid damn questions”

            -Barry Bostwick aka Ace Hunter

barry bostwock in life after megaforce
life after megaforce logo
bob lindenmayer and barry bostwick in life after megaforce
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