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lisa downs life after movies


Director / Producer / Editor

Child of the 80s and teen of the 90s, Lisa loves everything nostalgia.  An advocate of vinyl, physical media, actual photos, writing letters with a pen and avoiding the Cloud at all costs, Lisa started her documentary career whilst at University in Wagga Wagga (a country town in Australia with plenty of kangaroos and cow-tipping being the local past-time) when she made a documentary short on location in India - LOST CHILDREN OF TIBET - which won the Grand Jury Prize at the New York Video & Film Festival.

After a few years in travel documentaries and adventure travel series, Lisa directed her first scripted feature JUST ATE, before conveniently chatting to a friend at a birthday party to a friend who happened to have just worked with Sam J Jones (yes, Flash Gordon himself) - a few wines and a treatment later, Lisa found herself Skyping the man who saved everyone of us, and the Life After series was born.

As a fun fact, Lisa misses overhead projectors, those little pads that kept falling out under the cassette tape, finding gems in the weekly aisle at Blockbuster, and only having 4 television channels to pick from.


ashley pugh life after movies producer



Child of the 70s and teen of the 80s, Ashley Pugh made his mark producing some pretty awesome music videos for pretty cool artists, like Amy Winehouse, Paul McCartney and Tom Jones.   After meeting Lisa, they took on the nostalgia journey together with Ash being instrumental in helping LIFE AFTER FLASH a) get off the ground and b) get over the finish line with a lot of (as the documentary credits confirm), tea and tissues. 


A huge fan of Back to the Future (he made his own Flux Capacitor), Goodfellas and as a teen - Jennifer Connelly in Labyrinth - the Life After series couldn't happen with Ash constantly telling Lisa to "get back in that edit room and finish the film".  It works!

Ash also directed & produced his own documentary last year, NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCKCHAIN, as well as produced the scripted feature BY LIGHT OF DESERT NIGHT, also released 2020.

bob lindenmayer life after movies life after megaforce


Design Genius

After meeting Bob Lindenmayer on the LIFE AFTER FLASH journey, we knew Bob was our Life After brother from another mother.  With the best man cave we have ever seen, filled to the brim with the weird (dinosaur bones), the wonderful (amazing original Alex Ross art), and enough movie props to fill a museum (including Godzilla's foot, Babe the pig, the iconic "V" from Christine, and well, we know about Flash Gordon!), Bob has been instrumental in our Life After series.


He not only designed the posters, but he was also responsible for the BluRay artwork, the collectors booklet found in the BluRay, AND the opening titles - all for both LIFE AFTER FLASH and LIFE AFTER THE NAVIGATOR.

From his incredible passion for creativity, to his obsession with ghost towns and Megaforce (yes, the movie), LIFE AFTER MOVIES wouldn't be the same without this Seattle-based design genius. Bob is also making his directing debut with MAKING MEGAFORCE!! Watch this space!

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