"LIFE AFTER ATREYU" is the third feature documentary in the "Life After" series, celebrating Wolfgang Petersen's 1984 classic "The NeverEnding Story", and exploring the life of star Noah Hathaway since his unforgettable role as Atreyu.

Production began in January 2020, with an amazing interview with Limahl - who we know and love as the voice of the iconic theme song.


Filming continued in March 2020 with Noah Hathaway and Tami Stronach at Liverpool, Comic Con, however lockdowns took over and filming was postponed temporarily.

In August we were lucky to film with sculptor and puppeteer Colin Arthur, the master behind the creatures including Falkor, the Racing Snail and the Rockbiter.

We are excited to resume filming in 2021, heading to Scotland to sit down with Tami Stronach, and head back to the states to pick up filming with Noah and the rest of the cast/crew from this truly magical film. 

Stay tuned here for updates.